DataTables Error on Samba Shares Page

Currently running Rockstor 5.0.8 on opensuse leap 15.5. When accessing the Samba shares page in the gui (I have a few shares listed there), I sometimes get hit with a DataTables error. Clicking the dialog box just causes it to come back over and over again. Reloading the page usually fixes the issue. This has been occasional and inconsistent, so I can’t reproduce it. The error message refers me to this url: 3. Warning: Cannot reinitialise DataTable

Curious… Do you use Seagate drives? My NAS backup setup uses all Seagate and it has intermittent problems determining the APM state and occasionally other weird glitches. It is also running the 5.0.8 with all the latest updates…

All the glitches occur in the GUI as well… but the setup otherwise runs flawlessly…


My Rockstor instance is a VM on Proxmox, so it doesn’t know anything about the drives, but they’re a 6-pack of WD Ultrastar SAS drives. This issue hasn’t affected the running of the system in any way other than it initially looks mildly alarming and is an annoyance when it happens. I did not experience this with 4.6.1 in the past. Figured I’d report a bug I came across, nothing more.

@GoreMaker & @Tex1954 Hello there.

Just chipping on on this one.

We have had a remaining DataTables Error for a long time now unfortunately, and likewise we have yet to pin down the exact remaining cause. A Browser refresh sorts it out, but it’s remaining cause (we have sorted prior more reproducible causes) does not yet have a reliable reproducer.

Our Web-UI code foundations are over-due for some updates. And we hope to address at least some of these in the next testing phase. But for now, in the current testing phase, we are focusing on our Python back-end.

Hope that helps, at least for some context. But if a reproducer can be found (likely a series of Web-UI actions) then we should be able to fix and prove said fix.