Dev log for 3.9.1

Sorry for challenging you in commenting that it has been a while since the last test release was published here :grimacing:

Hello everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while since the last update, but happy to say that 3.9.0-6 is now available!

I fixed a bug to update nginx config and /etc/issue accurately if management interface changes. @Flyer contributed a small improvement to make our builds faster. Thank you @Flyer!

3.9.0-7 is now available my friends! This is a special one because we welcome a new contributor Kairo-at. Thank you for contributing enhancements to user and developer experience!

Have you wondered what @phillxnet’s been up to lately? He’s been hard at work adding support for full-disk LUKS, which is now released in our latest testing update: 3.9.0-8. This is a major feature addition, and I encourage you to give it a try and report feedback.

I’ve also merged another contribution from him making this a special update brought to you entirely by… @phillxnet! Thank you!


This cycle is already ongoing since 2,5h month, pretty slow compared what is stated on the homepage during the subscription procedure…I’m wondering if it is only related to resources or major technical issues?
Reading recent news at e.g. Freenas with their 10 release earlier this year being withdrawn and the new 11 RC being set back to technical review it seems there is some “negative” progress at some major NAS OSs :confused:

@glenngould Hello again. Yes, has been a longer one and that is partly my fault I’m afraid. My LUKS addition was earmarked for this release and it took me much longer that I had originally though. As for the issues related to Freenas I think the history of what happened there re their selection of a new front end technology whose main development company then folded didn’t help things for them. But Rockstor uses pretty much all ‘boring’ and very well established tech, ie GNU/Linux CentOS (not FreeBSD) with an elrepo mainline stable kernel, Django, PostgreSQL, bootstrap (originally by twitter), handlebars (GitHub link), and Buildout for the build system. Oh and to my relief we have no PHP (I wouldn’t be here if there was). Plus we use Jenkins as our CI and develop completely in the open on GitHub. My understanding is that this forum and the Jenkins server are also self hosting, ie they run on Rockstor instances. We also only ever have one code base, sampled from time to time for our stable release channel updates, as opposed to FreeNAS vs TrueNAS where the latter paid version has additional features. Hopefully others more familiar with FreeNAS can chip in here as I have only used it in multiple instances for a few years prior to adopting Rockstor.

Any tech change will almost always bite back and we have had our own issues re our move from south to the now integrated version of south in newer versions of django where we had upgrade issues. Essentially software is hard and has many moving parts which is why many eyes is imperative and why ‘boring tech’ can be a good thing. Also these things are best not rushed. I wish FreeNAS all the best and for ZFS hosting I think they will for a long time to come have an advantage where ZFS is concerned (over linux ZFS solutions) given the relative newness of ZFS on linux / OpenZFS and the non native nature of the memory management involved in that arrangement.

I hope that adequately addresses your concerns.


@phillxnet thank you for your detailed reply…my message was very basic nothing specific, so all good! Looking forward into the future / journey with Rockstor when BTFRS raid 5/6 is fully fixed combined with all the nice features, we’ll get there I’m sure! :slight_smile:

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All of this is why I’ve chosen Rockstor over Freenas just please please please can we have an option for real ip’s on rock-ons :slight_smile: I have put a feature request in for it

There’s so much to say to explain why things have slowed down lately, but I’ll be brief. It’s purely a resource issue. Subscriptions are much appreciated and of course I am aware that our dev cycles need to speed up. I’ve really enjoyed producing frequent updates in the past and really looking forward to going back to that cadence. This is in fact and exciting time for our project and community, there’s so much to do.


Hello everyone!

3.9.0-9 is now available! We’ve fixed two issues, both enhancements in the backend code contributed by @phillxnet. Thanks Phil!

no FTP support :frowning:

Happy Sunday my favourite community!

Happy to share with you that 3.9.0-10 is now available! I’ve added support for changing MTU/Jumbo frames. @ganti_priya fixed a frontend bug with Rock-ons. Thanks Priya!

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Hello everyone,

3.9.0-11 is now available, actually it’s been available for almost two days. I am just late to this announcement. I closed an AFP related issue and a rock-on related one(thanks @ScarabMonkey for reporting it). Enjoy!

Happy Saturday RockStorians!

3.9.0-12 is now available. We have a nice refactor in the disk management code by @phillxnet in his quest to perfect it. Secondly, @ganti_priya fixed a frontend issue with rock-ons. Thank you Phil and Priya!