Dev log for 3.9.1

@phillxnet thank you for your detailed reply…my message was very basic nothing specific, so all good! Looking forward into the future / journey with Rockstor when BTFRS raid 5/6 is fully fixed combined with all the nice features, we’ll get there I’m sure! :slight_smile:

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All of this is why I’ve chosen Rockstor over Freenas just please please please can we have an option for real ip’s on rock-ons :slight_smile: I have put a feature request in for it

There’s so much to say to explain why things have slowed down lately, but I’ll be brief. It’s purely a resource issue. Subscriptions are much appreciated and of course I am aware that our dev cycles need to speed up. I’ve really enjoyed producing frequent updates in the past and really looking forward to going back to that cadence. This is in fact and exciting time for our project and community, there’s so much to do.


Hello everyone!

3.9.0-9 is now available! We’ve fixed two issues, both enhancements in the backend code contributed by @phillxnet. Thanks Phil!

no FTP support :frowning:

Happy Sunday my favourite community!

Happy to share with you that 3.9.0-10 is now available! I’ve added support for changing MTU/Jumbo frames. @ganti_priya fixed a frontend bug with Rock-ons. Thanks Priya!

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Hello everyone,

3.9.0-11 is now available, actually it’s been available for almost two days. I am just late to this announcement. I closed an AFP related issue and a rock-on related one(thanks @ScarabMonkey for reporting it). Enjoy!

Happy Saturday RockStorians!

3.9.0-12 is now available. We have a nice refactor in the disk management code by @phillxnet in his quest to perfect it. Secondly, @ganti_priya fixed a frontend issue with rock-ons. Thank you Phil and Priya!

Happy Sunday Community!

We are on a roll here, trying to ramp up to the stable release. 3.9.0-13 is now released! @dilli contributed config backup cli, which is pretty cool. Thank you Daniel! I’ve refactored the Pool api to use ids instead of pool names, to simplify things and pave way to implementing features like pool renaming. Enjoy the update!

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@suman nice to see so many new test releases over the last days :slight_smile:

I’m currnetly running on 3.9.0-03 and Rockstor is set to auto update for stable releases.
→ I can’t change the setting to testing channel via web due to the error

I’ve tried the following via the terminal

[root@rockstor ~]# yum upgrade rockstor-3.9.0-13
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror
Existing lock /var/run/ another copy is running as pid 461.
Another app is currently holding the yum lock; waiting for it to exit…
The other application is: yum
Memory : 34 M RSS (419 MB VSZ)
Started: Mon Jun 26 10:01:18 2017 - 06:43 ago
State : Sleeping, pid: 461

This all goes hand in hand with the other thread over here

Any idea how to solve this?

Or is it out of your hands like @Flox indicated some possible EPEL problems


hi @glenngould,

I would kill all existing yum processes and then try a yum update. If there are errors and depending on what they are, you may have to clean local state with yum clean all and try again. I believe the epel problem no longer exists, at least I don’t see it on our machines here.

Hi all @glenngould & @suman ,
my 2 cents: with our new Rockstor yum updates over WebUI feature sometimes you can get that yum lock because of a current running yum process (ex.: blinking icon on WebUI telling you about available yum updates means Rockstor had a check over yum for new packages/upgrades)

This usually takes some mins to solve

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Hello Community!

3.9.0-14 is now available! @phillxnet fixed a few issues and made the disk management side of things much better. @ganti_priya made a nice UI enhancement to report user/input errors and backend errors differently. Enjoy the update!

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@Flyer I’m running on 3.9.0-03 which does not have the new yum updates WebUI - even after days there is no change :roll_eyes:

See my latest reply in the dedicated threat

Are you behind a firewall? I’d check that the box can get out to the internet. and should resolve to

Happy Canada Day everyone!

3.9.0-15 is now available! I’ve closed two issues in this update. One is a disk api refactor(thanks @phillxnet for testing and reporting issues) and the other is a change to user api to report user actionable errors better. Enjoy!

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