Dev log for 3.9.2

Hello Everyone!

3.9.1-3 is now available! And this is another one from @phillxnet’s contributions. First is a bugfix in Share mounting mechanism. The other is a really nice enhancement to tracking mount status. Thank you Phil!

Hi there,

Just a few questions because I’m confused.

Is 3.9.1-2 available on testing channel or stable channel?

My system is on stable channel and it says:

“System is running the latest Rockstor version: 3.9.1-0”

@chipped Welcome to the Rockstor community.
The posts in this thread pertain to the development of the next stable release ie 3.9.2 and as such are distributed only via the testing channel. Currently the latest stable channel update is 3.9.1-0 as your system indicates.
Please see our Update Channels doc for the definition of, and intention behind, this arrangement.

Hope that answers your questions and thanks for helping to supporting Rockstor’s development.

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@phillxnet Thanks for clearing that up, Phil.

I’m really looking forward to the next update. I’ll stay on the Stable channel for now as this server has important data and uptime is a priority! :smiley:

Hello Boys and Girls,

3.9.1-4 is now available. A bug in config backup and restore is fixed. Two more bugs in user management are also fixed. This one is also a Phillip’date like the last three. Thank you @phillxnet. As some of you are waiting, I did manage to test the 4.12 kernel and added it along with btrfs-progs 4.12. Enjoy the update and please test away!


Hello Community!

3.9.1-5 is now released. A few bugs in the Pool scrub feature have been fixed along with nice enhancements and improved test coverage. All thanks to @phillxnet! he’s on a roll! Enjoy the update!

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Hello Everyone!

3.9.1-6 is now available! Two enhancements to the frontend were made in this release. It’s brought to you by @ganti_priya, @phillxnet and myself. Thank you Phil and Priya!

3.9.1-7 is now available folks! I fixed a bug in the network management. @Flyer updated the Chart.js library. Thanks Mirko!

Hello Community!

3.9.1-8 is now available! @phillxnet Fixed two important bugs in the pool scrub management, which were discussed on our forum. Thank you Phil!

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Happy Friday everyone!

Pleased to release 3.9.1-9 testing update this morning. Finally, I finished changing the share and snapshot API so we can add support for much anticipated features like renaming pool, shares etc… I may be stealing @phillxnet thunder here because he also has made a fix to error reporting. Thank you Phil and I plan to merge your two pull requests here shortly!

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I can’t remember the last time we released 2 updates in one day, which makes 3.9.1-10 special! @phillxnet contributed two enhancements, one is an improvement in SMART messaging and the other is a nice fix to share/pool mount behaviour. Enjoy the update!


Happy Friday Community!

3.9.1-11 is now available! @phillxnet fixed two bugs, one in the scheduled tasks and the other in samba exports. Thank you @phillxnet!

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