Disks unavailable to add to pool

My storage box has 19 drives.

I noticed when creating a new pool that not all of my drives were available to select. After looking closer I realized that only 15 drives that are visible on the 1st page of “disks”, and only these 15 drives are available to be added to a pool. The remaining 4 drives that are on page 2 of the “disks” page do not show up in the list of drives to choose when creating a new pool. They also do not show up in the list of drives to choose when modifying a pool (add or remove disks).

I was able to create a pool with a subset of the desired drives in the gui, and then use btrfs device add in the command line to finish out the pool.

19 drives! nice! I envy your storage box. I do have this Storinator Q30 that 45 Drives sent us which takes upto 30 drives. Planning to test with all 30 drives soon. I digress…

I’ve been aware of this problem and it’s a simple fix to the ui code. Just managed to get it into this pull request. you(and anyone up to 100 drives) should be all set after the next release(in a week or so), but sorry I don’t have a workaround in the meantime.

I also created an issue to redesign pool creation UI for cases like yours.

That’s a neat setup. I haven’t hard of 45drives before; it looks like they’re basically doing production of backblaze pods? That’s very cool.

Thanks for addressing the issue! You all really have your work cut out for you but so far things look good!

@seijirou Just closing the loop on this topic. The fix is shipped with 3.8-2. Let us know if you have any questions.

@suman I appreciate it. Once we figure out my GUI issue I’ll double check this and report back.