Duplicati Issue

I just setup a new Rockstor Server and installed the Duplicati Rock-on to allow me to back up a Share I created to my Google Drive. The issue I have is I am can not see the Share when I am using the Duplicati GUI.

The Share I created, appears in /mnt2, however the Duplicati GUI only shows /mnt , /mnt2 is not diplayed as an option.

Appreciate any help with this issue, I have looked thru the documentation and I do not see where a reason for the creation of /mnt2 is explained over just placing the shares in /mnt.



I think what you’re looking for is to add the share you created in Rockstor to the Duplicati Rock-on. As rock-ons are isolated from the rest of the system (they’re docker containers), it is normal not to see anything from your rockstor install.
You simply need to add the volume (the share you want to backup) to the Duplicati Rock-on. Try to follow the procedure detailed in the other post linked below and you should be able to see the share in question within Duplicati:

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Awesome. Worked perfect really appreciate the help. Cheers.