Error that won't go without reboot

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Problem as title and below:

Unknown client error doing a GET to /api/pools/Add-Ons/balance?page=1&format=json&page_size=5&count=&snap_type=admin

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

Went into Storage / Shares /

Clicked on (in this case) coachpotato-config

Under Usage tab, Click on Pool active link at top which gives me error above. Can’t get rid of it unless reboot system, but still does it if tried again.

Doesn’t disappear regardless of any other link being clicked

Web-UI screenshot

Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI


@Spiceworld Hello again.
Yes this was a regression / broken link that slipped through in the last stable release. It has now been fixed in our testing channel as of:

by way of a sub part of the second indicated issue in that release “improve mount status reporting capability” so there is no direct issue attribution however the issue is documented via:

and was addressed and referenced as a small part of the associated pull request:

That same pull request also dealt with:

which also had no attribution in the Dev log for 3.9.2 thread due to me cramming several issue into a single pr. @suman has advised me against this on a number of occasions and I am in the process of ‘mending my ways’ so hopefully in the future we should have a clearer record of ‘stuff that’s been done’ in our dev logs. Apologies for the obfuscation I caused here.

Although annoying is it essentially harmless as the link is just a UI convenience. You might find that refreshing your browser on any other page will remove the big red GET error message.

Hope that helps.

Ok cheers. Have got a nice new install now, so don’t need any errors showing :smile: