Errors occurred while processing updates for the following Rock-ons (CrashPlan-Pro: ['Duplicate container (crashplan-pro) definition detected. It belongs to another Rock-on (Crashplan-Pro). Uninstall one of them and try again.', 'NoneType: None\n'])

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Brief description of the problem

Made a bad situation worse - created a Rock-On definition for Crashplan Pro (GitHub - jlesage/docker-crashplan-pro: Docker container for CrashPlan PRO (aka CrashPlan for Small Business)) following published guidelines. Crashplan for Small Business doesn’t recognize Windows Shared Folders for backups - which was my preferred method for backing up my beloved Rockstor server. Recently, the UI threw an error message regarding the .json file’s format re: “opts:” clause. So I fiddle with it, as one does… and made it worse.

Formerly, file read:

“opts”: [
“USER_ID=1006, GROUP_ID=1006”

But every time I refresh the Rock-Ons list it complained about it. I figured the issue might be solved thus:

“opts”: [ [ “-v”,“/mnt2:/storage:ro” ],[ “-e”,“USER_ID=1006, GROUP_ID=1006” ] ]

Except, not so much. Rock-on service and Rockons still appears to be running. :slight_smile: So I have that going for me, which is nice.

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

[write here]

Web-UI screenshot

Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI

NoneType: None

@KeithF have you had any more luck in getting this to work?

If I get some time, I will take a look at this.

If you haven’t resolved it …

can you drop to the command line (either via the WebUI, or if you connect through PuTTY) and run:

docker ps --all to show all containers (running and stopped)
docker images to show what images have been pulled

Looking at the error message, what might have happened is that when you created a new Rockon definition as a copy of the existing one, that the name of the Rockon is different, but within the json file the Rockon container name remained the same, which will lead to a conflict with the standard delivered one:

    "crashplan": {
        "containers": {
            "crashplan": {
                "image": "jrcs/crashplan",

under the containers tag you want to have a different/amended name from the original crashplan. I don’t remember whether the top level crashplan also needs to be different (can’t hurt to adjust that one as well), but the the container name tag will definitely go through a duplicate check throwing an error, when it finds the same name twice.

In any case, you might have to remove the current Rockon/image/container combo by using the Rockon deletion script before retrying your Rockon definition:

Change to the Rockstor directory:
cd /opt/rockstor
Execute the Rockon/Rockon definition deletion:
poetry run delete-rockon <rockon name as listed in the directory/case-sensitive>


Also, seems like the current crashplan Rockon should be deprecated, as the underlying image has not been updated in 7 years and since it seems to have been based on the free version of crashplan, is likely not working anymore … since that option was discontinued in 2018 or so, I think (I guess, for a free solution the Duplicati Rockon will still work).