Future of Rockstor with CentOS and btrfs (since redhat deprected it)

Hello, I’m considering using Rockstor but haven’t been able to find anything about the topic in the headline.

Since redhat announced last summer that it will drop support for btrfs in its future releases and since Rockstor is based on CentOS (RHEL without branding), I was wondering how you intend to handle this situation.

Maybe one of these ?

  1. Will you keep using CentOS as your base and build your own kernel with btrfs ?
  2. Move to another distro e.g. SUSE.
  3. Move to another filesystem ?

@elovin Welcome to the Rockstor community.

As btrfs is ‘as standard’ in upstream kernels and has been for a number of years we should be OK with our continued use of elrepo’s mainline kernel.

Hopefully the rest of your questions should be addressed in our first thread from back when this was announced. Please see:

And later we had another thread started on the same question, linking for convenience:

The short of it being that they never actually supported btrfs and we never used their ‘technical preview’ variants (kernel or user-space wise) as they were simply too old. The CentOS kernel is only used during the installer, once the installed system is booted it uses the far more modern and generic elrepo mainline along with appropriately compiled btrfs-progs.

Hope that helps and thanks for the enquiry.

Oh okay, I’m sorry I did not find anything within the first ~5 minutes.
I guess I should have kept searching.

Thanks for your detailed answer and sorry for the inconvenience.