Rhel 8 no btrfs?

this is from a forum i just looked at

RedHat announced a couple weeks ago that the BTRFS technical preview, available in RHEL 7, on which CentOS and by extenstion Rockstor is built, will not be supported in RHEL 8 (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/7/html/7.4_Release_Notes/index.html).

@Greg_Simpson Hello again.

Yes this came up on the forum at around the time of the initial announcement (Aug 2017), linking here for context to the discussion that was had back then:

Essentially, as a ‘technology preview’ I don’t think it’s ever actually been supported as such by RedHat: hence the quoted comment above.

Hope that helps.

thanks phil

i thought that must be the case

still working on the i2c stuff - just a bit hectic in the restaurant i work in over the holiday period so no real time to sit down and take a good crack at it

any pointers on setting up multiple vpn tunnels from the one rockstor box so that the emby server can stream geolocked content?

networking was always considered a dark art on the mainframes (and beyond) - the network guys all smoked way too much weed

oh and a belated merry christmas to you and your kin


Not really as I’ve only really setup a handful all in, but presumably you can just put each on a different port or if not deeded concurrently just have a launch script that switches out config for each purpose. But bound to be a lot of expertise on this one here so should be worth a try starting a thread detailing your specific use case so people can chip in with their approaches.

Networking has become a lot simpler now that most stuff is ip based so that’s something.

And a belated seasons greetings to yourself (and all of course).