Hard drive with 2 partitions


I try to install Rockstor to my Windows computer so i split my HDD to 2 partitions but when i try to install Rockstor on the 2nd partition i got:

Error: ntfsprogs is needed for this installation aborting.

How i can install Rockstor beside my windows ?
Thanks for reply

@loic.lopez Hello again. Yes Rockstor is not suitable for a dual boot arrangement. It is very much orientated towards being the only operating system on the computer (virtual or real) that it is installed on. Also note that it is also very much advised to have a single device for the system disk, not a partition or part of a disk used for anything else. It is more an appliance type of linux distribution, as apposed to a general desktop type linux distro which are what dual booting scenarios are normally associated with.

Your only other option is to install it in something like virtual box where it will have it’s own (be it virtual) machine all to itself.

Hope that helps.

@phillxnet thanks a lot for fast reply

So it is not possible to have windows on a hdd and Rockstor to another hdd ?

@loic.lopez This would be possible but highly inadvisable and technically difficult to maintain (unless only one was attached at a time that is). And you are almost certain to have major headaches and conflicts and potentially data loss as a result of mixing these systems. And you would be constrained to using only bios boot switching and system updates on either side could change / break / confused the other side.

I would strongly advise against this and don’t think you are likely to get much help on the forum going forward with such a compromised solution. So that might be a thing.

Hope that helps.

But it may be informative to know that Rockstor can work on pretty low end hardware. See the Minimum system requirements section in our docs. Plus it’s a lot more fun to experiment with a system that can’t inadvertently wipe out one of your other systems.

Let us know how you get on with your build.

hi again, i have try to install Rockstor with only one clean hdd connected to my PC:

my configuration:

Mother board: asrock 970 extreme 3 r2.0
Graphics Card : RX 480 GAMING X 8G
Processor : AMD FX 8320E Black Edition (3.2 GHz)

I have follow the tutorial to write the iso file in raw mode to a USB and i got a kernel panic : see bellow

What happened ?
Thanks a lot for reply.

@loic.lopez I think you are looking at a similar situation as was faced by @rognod in the following thread:

That is some of your hardware is just too new for the installer kernel. Look to that thread to see how you might get around this. Easiest to switch the graphics card first.

Let us know how it goes.

@phillxnet I can only use the RX 480 as a graphics card because I have no graphics chipset on my processor


OK i have found a really old graphics card and i updated to kernel 4.11 and now it works with my RX 480 !

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@loic.lopez Great, glad your sorted now and thanks for the update.

@phillxnet Thanks to my motherboard who support UEFI and bios boot.