Hardware & Disk Temp Monitoring Widget

Would be a great item to have hardware and Disk temp monitoring, I also think this would fit into the other proposed feature for Fan monitoring and Speed control of power managed fans

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@kcomer Thanks for breaking this out from you last thread, better that way for a more focused discussion.
I’ve updated the forum link from one of our outstanding issues on this.
"HDD temp and sensors graphs on dashboard view"
and we also have the issue:
"lm-sensors support"
I believe that the two issues should remain independant for the time being as hdd / ssd temps are gained via the smart subsystem where as fan speed and ram / cpu / motherboard temps are gained via the lm-sensors subsystem. However combining them in an eventual widget would be great, but first we have to intergrate these systems before we can widget them.
I have linked to this new thread from both of these issues to help with collecting ideas together.



as the hdd temp can easily be read from the existing smart package this should be an easy task, right.
an easy bar graph should do.

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It would be nice to have this feature. I think if rockstor is used in server rooms, sound is not a problem, but I for example use it at home. So noise can be a problem :wink:

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