Hardware monitoring

Hello, my rockstor server is an intel SSR212MC2 (aka HS-1235e).

It uses an intel S5000PSL mainboard with 10 fans and a lot of automated temperature monitoring.
Under rockstor however, the fans run at full speed, which means a lot, of noise, around 70-75 dB.
I have been researching lm-sensors and fancontrol, which is supposedly able to control pwm fans.

It would of course be great if temperature and fan information would be available in the web interface.
Being able to set fan speeds would be even better!

Thanks for starting this discussion. I’d be interested in hearing from other users also to find out if it’s important to many users.

I’ve created an issue for this: https://github.com/rockstor/rockstor-core/issues/582

Feel free to comment on it!

that would be a great enhancement to the dashboard

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Having monitoring is always good thing.
+1 for this enhancement.

-Tiho (BMT TEAM Ltd)

@d549e5 Hi, I noticed this as well, but it is due to the fact it is collecting metric information, if you move away from the dashboard menu option [any other menu is fine] then it will be better, if you turn the Metric collection off it is a huge difference. In other words collecting all the information gives load. Hope this explains. I thought there was something wrong with one of my disks, but it was due to the metric collection.

Thanks for explaining it correctly @TheRavenKing. We have added several optimizations in the past releases to decrease unnecessary writes. @gkadillak is currently working on the final patch set which eliminates all unnecessary writes and also makes the UI more responsive.

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another possible solution would be a dedicated montoring system. Im currently running zabbix here, installing the agent is simple and i bet you can get lm sensors monitored with some small script/command. And there is of course snmp (which i sadly havent digged into yet) which should even be able to set speeds on mainboardlevel as well as read them. Of course this is not possible for a small deployment where no vm/dedicated server is available.

creating a dedicated “monitoring page” should suffice am i right on this?
latest data can be stored by a daemon in ram and is never written to disk except when a user wants to get the data from the webui or when the internal value exceeds a preset value where it triggers an email or something.

Got my vote for this as well