Has anyone tried to install "Cockpit"?

Just a simple check since it seems to support CentOS 7 etc… Also, it has a couple features I like… But does it play with Rockstor/BRTFS or maybe it could be added as a RockOn?




@Tex1954 I have test installed a community version of it on the Rockstor v4 environment, unfortunately there seems to be no official package available for Leap 15.2 (I have used it under Tumbleweed and there it works just fine with brtfs). That worked, however I believe not all aspects are included in that community package, so can’t give you a true feedback on that. I did a direct install, not as a docker container as the little information listed on the docker hub did not make any sense to me back then, or even now…


Thank you for the info… more and more I am learning to appreciate this later version of rockstor ( as opposed to the 2016 versions) and Brtfs… actually started testing back then for a NAS server and ended up not liking any of them! ZFS was especially problematic at the time…

For now, still learning…