How can I import data from FreeNAS

Ok, I am loving what I am reading and seeing about Rockstor and I am almost ready to forge full steam. I am currently running FreeNAS with about 800GB of media data. I know very little of Linux and command line stuff. So with that information I have some questions about getting my data into Rockstor.

I know FreeNAS uses zfs and Rockstor uses btrfs but I know very little about the filesystems. I have a 1TB external USB drive to use to move the data. How can I copy the FreeNAS data to the external drive and then copy it to Rockstor? I have read about rsync but never used it. Is that the way to go?

I do have a FreeNAS cifs share setup and could format the external drive to NTFS then copy the data that way but I think that way could take a really long time. Is it even possible to copy data into Rockstor from an NTFS drive?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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Hi Scott @Scootter and Welcome To Rockstor Community!!!

Actually you can manually copy your data to your external HD than move it to Rockstor or, if you prefer, go with rsync (rsync man page)

My suggestion:
if you can go on with usb external hd because it’s faster, for sure never do that sync via a cifs share (slower than rsync)

Note: there’re some open issues on Rockstor Github page related to usb sync etc etc (Rockstor Issues Github page)

Let us know if you need any kind of help on migrating



Thanks Flyer!

I am currently battling the installer haha. I am using a brand new USB drive and selected auto partitioning but when it is done installing and I go to the web gui I get “'root filesystem is not BTRFS. During Rockstor installation, you
must select BTRFS instead of LVM and other options for root filesystem”

I did find this thread so I am attempting it again. Install problems with basic graphical mode [Solved]

I got it installed and working! Time to play.

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