How do you rollback a samba share?

I was trying to test out the snapshot rollback on a small sample before backing up my home directory and relying on it for that. I’m using Rockstor v4.0.7.

I created a share called MyData, gave it the proper permissions, went to File Sharing --> Samba, added the share to samba export, mounted it onto my desktop computer, created a file, created a snapshot through the webGUI, created a second file, then created a second snapshot through the webGUI.

Then I noticed the “Rollback” option on the snapshot subsection of the share was grayed out. During my search for an answer, I found out that samba shares can’t be rolled back and it suggests deleting the samba share. I then deleted the samba export, but the rollback option was still grayed out.

I might be missing something obvious, but is there a way to rollback to previous snapshots when samba shares are involved?

I tried:

umount /mnt2/MyData
mount -o subvolid=### /dev/sda /mnt2/MyData
btrfs subvolume set-default ### /mnt2/MyData

Which does temporarily do what I expected, rolling the directory back to what I wanted, but after a reboot /mnt2/MyData reverts back to what it was before the above commands.

Edit: My bootstrap broke, and I figured it had something to do with the subvolume stuff I did, so I tried to delete the btrfs snapshot subvolumes. Tried for several hours. It absolutely refused to delete the snapshots. Have cleared out the entire pool and will now have to transfer over hundreds of gigs of data again… If someone could tell me the proper way to rollback snapshots when samba’s involved, I’d appreciate it, because breaking things is not fun.