How to change Ip address in CLI without web gui

Hello, Thank you for your time.
I have a rockstor server that is set to a static IP address and the network has changed I have tried changing the address with ifconfig however that did not work. If you have the time to let me know how to change the address through the CLI I would be grateful.

you can try ‘nmtui’.


hello Bert, thanks for that now the IP address shows correctly however I still cannot reach the web gui but the files are accessible any ideas?
Thanks Tom

@pcgrubb Welcome to the Rockstor community.

As @Bert intimated Rockstor uses network manager itself to configure the network, nmcli actually, so any other network manager tool should be compatible. But Rockstor can struggle with having the network changed from under it. Have you tried a reboot since you changed the configuration. This should help with Rockstor re-reading the current settings and resetting itself with regard to the current network settings.

Hope that helps.

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