How to start Rockstor after installation?

Hello, can someone advise please?

I have installed Rockstor on the notebook. Installation went correctly, after reboot I get NAS login: prompt. What now please? It seems that WiFi network interface if not running because during installation I did not have ethernet cable connected. I can login locally as root but then I just have [root@NAS]# prompt. Prompt shows I can start Rockstor at, but I can not - I am at command line interface.

During installation, I was able to configure WiFi, why it is not used then? nmcli shows some missing WiFi plugin.

Apparently web server and NAS server is not running on WiFi. What next please?

Thanks very much

@jaybee Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Yes Rockstor, rather than our re-branded CentOS installer, assumes an ethernet connection is available. Without it the login screen will only show what is called the local loopback address “” which just means ‘this machine’ sort of. So if you use that on another machine it will point directly to that other machine. See our Minimum system requirements in the Quick start doc section for the ethernet interface stipulation.

So you need an ethernet connection and it has to be active during boot, then the login screen should list the ‘real’ ip address, which will be something along the lines of 192.168.#.# and remember to use https not http when entering this address in your client machines browser url section. If that ‘real’ ip address doesn’t show straight off in the terminal then try pressing the return key to force the login page to re-print it’s message (Current CentOS based relases only). Sometime it can take a while for the ip to show up; especially on the very first boot of Rockstor after an install.

It may well be possible to configure a wifi connection via nmcli and have Rockstor use this as it’s main connection but that is not a know / supported configuration and is likely not to work. Although it would be a nice addition to include this capability it’s actually a little more complicated that it may seem, especially if we are to support it within the Web-UI. So currently we are wired ethernet only.

Hope that helps.

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@phillxnet how long is a long time for the IP to show up? I’m on a wired connection and having the same issue.

IP came up, was able to login and get into the web ui. Is everything managed through the web ui?

@Stavro Hello again.

Several minutes on a slow system with a slow system disk, ie such as a non high speed USB stick. Our Minimum system requirements doc entry has the following entry on this:

8GB drive for Rockstor; if USB key use only fast variants (16GB+ SSD recommended).

Glad your now sorted and thanks for the update.

And yes all Rockstor supported ‘stuff’ should be configurable, within Rockstor limitations associated with ease of use, from within the Web-UI.

Hope that helps.