HP ProLiant MicroServer w/ 8GB ECC RAM: kernel panic on install

In another thread, I was troubleshooting a VM. Once I figured out the tweaking, I decided to install the always-awesome RockStor onto one of my NAS devices. I selected a 4GB USB flash drive for the ISO burning with Etcher, and an 8GB (then a 16GB) USB flash drive for the destination.

Upon boot, I saw the attached kernel panic.

So I have to say, … "Okay, what’d I do wrong?"

Hi @kuerious,

Sorry you’re having trouble installing. I unfortunately cannot help you directly, but while we wait for somebody more knowledgeable to help, I know some methods to prepare the USB installer can prove problematic. In order to rule this first, have you had a look at the corresponding section in Rockstor’s documentation?

and its related: http://rockstor.com/docs/soho.html#usbinstall

Hope this helps,

Thank you, I do appreciate it. I’ll look through both.

Attempted building USB media with:

  • old (read: reliable) 4GB Lexar Firefly USB 2.0 flash drive
  • brand new 32GB Samsung USB 3.0 flash drive


That’s 8 different combinations. At all times I got to the initial install screen. I selected the traditional install (first option). After which, the screen always went gray, then what appeared to be a kernel panic (see above photo of screen).

This is an HP ProLiant MicroServer N36L with 8GB ECC RAM. I did also use the onboard Memtest86 to test the RAM. No problems.

What on earth could be failing here? I’ve read:

  • the Quick Start guide
  • this forum post which mentioned the N36L/N40L as being “a little underpowered”, but not “incompatible”
  • this forum post regarding a “fix”, but not exactly explaining it for the layman
  • I read & re-read the USB install instructions page

I even went into the BIOS, did a “Load Optimum Defaults”, rebooted, back into BIOS, verified boot order, saved, booted … nada. Nada nada nah-t a flipping thing.

Ain’t nothing happening except a gray screen (occasionally with “Fast TSC calibration failed” at the top) then kernel panic, then nada.


Some people have had luck installing from the next oldest available ISO (3.8.16?)
I did when installing on my Ryzen board, might be worth a shot.

Hi @kuerious,

It looks like you’re affected by a really old Kernel bug that affects AMD systems.

Can you try the workaround at the bottom of: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/6402/updates-broke-centos-can-i-fix-it/2 when you boot.


Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles …

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I’m going to finish the install and fix grub, as the article says. If all is well, I’ll close this out.

Awesome troubleshooting, dude :smiley:

Well, slather me in hot sauce & call me the devil …

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Now to plug in the RAID card (for SATA III, the board only does SATA II; no RAID) and a USB 3.0 PCIe card.

@kuerious Thanks for the update.

Looking a little more encouraging there :slight_smile:

And it’s working!! Even after a reboot.

It’s OK to close now, I believe. Thanks, everyone!!!