Some advice to avoid wasted time if possible

Hiya, I have been trying to decide on a NAS solution for about six months now and seem to be getting more confused rather than less as time goes on

Someone recommended I had a look at this software but my question is that I have a few of the HP microservers lying around and wondered if anyone has used one of these for rockstor or whether the AMD NEO CPU just doesn’t cut the mustard even just for basic file serving


feel free to try and refer back. installation only takes 20 minutes…

You’re looking for more info on the newer Gen10, I think? I run RS on a Gen8 with a Celeron processor, works fine for me - and I have the option of switching out the CPU for a more powerful one, one of the reasons I went with the Gen8 rather than the Gen10.

If it’s not the Gen10 you’re asking about, try giving us some more info. :wink:

Hi @Mike_Mckay,

Referring to the AMD Neo, I believe you’re looking at the early Gen7 microservers, such as the N36L.

Rockstor should run on it, it’ll run on just about anything x86_64 based. some people here are using the somewhat higher powered Gen7’s, the N45L and N54L.

Note the following caveats

  • Some of the more interesting Rockons (such as Plex Media Server) will struggle quite badly with a system of that low spec.
  • BTRFS (the underlying filesystem Rockstor uses to store it’s data) is fairly CPU intensive in some operations, you may experience reduced disk performance with a system of that low spec.

I would suggest Gen8 Microservers myself, or a custom build.
My own system is probably over-powered, but I’m running:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • 32Gb DDR4
  • 1x 250Gb SATA SSD (Boot disk)
  • 4x 4Tb rotating rust (WD)
  • 4x 6Tb rotating rust (WD/Toshiba - don’t get Toshiba, had two fail on me in less than a week)