I need to change my Rockstor/Forum login

My current zs…@sbc…net login is now defunct thanks to att/yahoo screwing everything up. I would like to change it to my private email address.

Also, I had no idea my subscription was out of date to I did that as well… But, do I need to have 2 subscriptions if I want 2 NAS appliances?



@Tex1954 Hello again, glad your body debugging is going in the right direction.

Re: email change if you can no longer receive email from the old one, to do your own email change-overs, send me a PM, here on the forum, detailing the new email, and I, @Flox, or @Hooverdan can change within forum. Presumably the same is required also in Appman?

Re: the double subscription: lets arrange that also in the PM.

Hope that helps.