I updated my subscription since Nov 20, but unable to upgrade

I have updated my subscription and I am yet unable to upgrade my current version of 3.9.2-57 upgraded to 4.x version. When I go to System → Software Update I don’t get an option to upgrade all I see is picture attached

Brief description of the problem

I can not update, and the days is counting down …

@alexmesfin Unfortunately v4 is not yet available as a release - it is still in RC (Release Candidate) phase, and only available by building your own installer:

However, v4 is based on a different underlying Linux distribution (OpenSUSE LEAP instead of CentOS for v3) so would, I assume, require a full re-install. I believe your current version to be the last one of the v3 lineage.

EDIT: Also, your Stable subscription will apply to v4, and is easy to transfer using the online Rockstor Appman tool if necessary.

I’ve been running v4 for a few months now without any issue after I took the plunge and built the installer image using the instructions linked above.


Thanks for the info … I was wondering if I need to upgrade do I need to re install then with SUSE. I have no problem with that it is just the size of data I have would make it harder if not impossible. I would like to know if i need to invest in disk for backup/restore purpose.


Hi again

A Couple of things:

From your last post I get the impression that you do not have backups currently. I’d recommend that you resolve this first before upgrading, as this will give peace of mind even if you were not upgrading. A separate backup as a minimum. As an example I have two full backups, and a third backup solely for data which is impossible to replace (such as digital photos), all updated nightly.

Secondly, if you do wish to upgrade you should be able to install a fresh v4 to a system drive, create users etc, then import your existing BTRFS data pools (can someone else confirm this?), and then recreate SMB/NFS/whatever shares after. However, I cannot recommend doing this until you have effective backups in place, just in case.

Until a full official installer is available, you will need to build your own v4 installer using the link in my previous message.

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@GeoffA Thanks for the excellent response here.

Absolutely. We run the same import code in Rockstor 3 (fully updated) as in Rockstor 4. But with ongoing bug fixes and improvements. Any Rockstor 3 created pool should import without issue, given it’s in good health, into Rockstor 4. In fact given the far newer btrfs in Rockstor 4 we have had a few reports of 4 importing where 3 failed. But that was mainly down to poorly pools that needed the newer, more capable underlying software from upstream. We unfortunately failed somewhat in maintaining a sufficiently new enough kernel backport arrangement in our CentOS offering that we are no longer required to maintain now that we have re-based on openSUSE who officially support btrfs, at least for the default system drive install arrangement.

But note that if the pool is large it may take a while to import. Especially the quota info. So be patient. This also depends on the capabilities/speed of the hardware of course.

Hope that helps.

As an additional note of caution. I like to recommend the use of a new installer disk for the new install as then you avoid having to wipe the previously system disk. Also, to avoid accidedntally selecting a data disk, it seems prudent to disconnect them entirely. Do the new install and all it’s updates etc. Then power cycle to ensure all boots up ok, then power down, reconnect all data drives, then power up and do the import.

But as @GeoffA states, do nothing until you have 1 or ideally 2 known good backups as all non trivial software is buggy and a typical OS has a tone of non-trivial software.