[I will need help] Creating a USB drive with unnatended installator (or something like that...)

Hello everyone. This comes from this thread:

Big challenge Installing Rockstor… WD DX4000 NAS

The issue is that this ‘thing’ is headless, like some people out there… It has only access by serial port, in order to see something about what’s happening there.

This little pebble only admits 16 Gb USB drives for installation and only by UEFI. It has the option to install in legacy mode, but I don’ trust it. I don’t trust anything of it.

I have some clues with other distros installations, like the threads I mention in the link up this lines.

I thought about making some automatic installation device that makes everything without need of putting any information, or put it inside some file in the installator. I know this has a name, but I don’t remember it.

I am open to other solutions, like ethernet booting and installing, SSH connection to the installer running into this pebble, I don’t care the way, but I want to install Rockstor on this WD failure.

I tried a lot of things more than the things I tell in the other Topic but they doesn’t work. I don’t know how to go ahead. I can only make blind-attempts from this point, trying by brute force to find the way to make a USB installer that works only by serial console.

Any ideas anyone?

Thank you for your brains here. I’ll be smashing mines to figure some solution to share here, if I find one…