If port 443 is for the Rockstor GUI, is port 80 free and available?

Now that stock Rockstor redirects to use 443 for it’s GUI management I was hoping to spin up another webserver docker that could take advantage of port 80.

I spun up an httpd Apache container to live on port 80 and but all HTTP traffic hits Rockstor and then redirects to 443 before docker has a chance to see that port 80 traffic. Is there a way to turn off this redirect so that 443 can go to Rockstor’s management console, and port 80 can be free for to route to other docker services?

I seem to remember a forum post about this already but after about an hour of searching I only found people talking about the similar ideas and issues but I didn’t see a solution posted anywhere.

Hi @pemguin005,

80 is not strictly ‘free and available’, as nginx is listenning on it to do the http → https redirect.

I think your best bet would be to inject custom configuration into the existing Rockstor nginx config.

Here’s a post to that effect I made a while back:

Based on this, you’d want to pay attention to the nginx-proxy.sh and it’s associated cronjob.
From their, you’d build your own custom.conf


This should honestly be a configuration option to switch the ports used for the GUI. The only reason I say this is because of the docker base that Rock-On’s use - there’s no reason why someone should be prevented from running something of their choosing on the ports they choose, eg, another custom nginx proxy to other Rock-Ons, or an Owncloud server etc.

Hi @luke,
There actually is one: you can choose the port you want for Rockstor’s GUI under “System > Services”, and configuring the Rockstor service by clicking on the little wrench icon.
This is how I free up 443 to run an nginx proxy.

Hope this helps,

@Flox Note that this only applies to the port 443 (HTTPS) service, I believe the port 80 redirect will remain in place.

@luke I see where you’re coming from, however it’s worth noting that this is designed to run as an appliance, some things are expected to be static.
To this effect, if you think of Rockstor as the same thing as Synology DSM or QNAP QTS, you start to see why at least one port would be reserved.

Sure, but on both my Qnap and Asustor NAS it’s possible to remap both ports.

This is what I’ve ended up taking advantage of. I moved the Rockstor Management to another port and then just hosted and setup the Apache container with TLS on 443. It solves my issue functionally so I’m content for now, but I’d still love to turn off that 80->443 redirect without needing to overhaul several configs.

But even still, I’m super happy with Rockstor even if i can only free up one of the standard ports.

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I haven’t looked at that part of the code but I imagine that would be possible, indeed. The question would be how would this be best implemented without compromising what this redirection was first designed to establish. I’m afraid this is beyond my expertise so I would love to read a discussion about that.

Yes, I meant to specify that I had this feeling but forgot to mention it. Thanks a lot for correcting my lack of accuracy :+1: