Installing on QNAP TS-459+

Hi everyone,

just discovered Rockstor, and I have seen that a couple of users have modified their old QNAP NAS in order to run Rockstor, in particular this thread is very interesting:

I have a very old yet perfectly operational QNAP TS-459+ with the stock 1G RAM and 512MB DOM, which I assume is similar to what is shown in the thread above.

I would need to at least upgrade the RAM to 2G, which is the maximum supported by the Atom K510 CPU, and of course figure out a way to reliably boot Rockstor from a USB drive, which is not really a suggested configuration, as I read from the documentation.

Is the effort worth it, I wonder?

I don’t mind tinkering with hardware and spending a little money to upgrade the RAM and boot device, but only if I would get reasonable performance and feature support from some hardware which is almost 14 years old!

Thanks for any comment you might have.

Bye, Luca

Howdy and welcome aboard! I looked up your product and being a hardware guy think I have some input.

For minor background, my engineering talents (back in the day) were machine control in robotic applications of sub-micron precision. The hardware designs were high speed DSP and MCU applications written in assembly language. Data processing and operating systems are not my specialty at all.

  1. I think the atom could handle a simple NAS application fine, but Rockstor isn’t a simple NAS OS.

  2. Just idling at rest, my small 5 disk setup uses 1.35 GB of RAM and 8.45 GB of SSD space.

Rockstor has the capability with BTRFS to take snapshots, run sideways applications in a “Docker” space, run several levels of RAID, and do other various thing that I don’t currently use.

It seems to me that 2GB RAM and 512MB DOM (Flash?) memory would be insufficient to support a Rockstor install.

However, 16/32 GB USB Flash devices are available, but will they fit your board?

MICRON 16GB 9-Pin USB Flash Drive Disk On Module DOM USB (Big 9PIN)

Adding another 1GB DDR2 SIMM memory module is apparently simple.

It might just work if you can get that DOM size increased!

I am available for hardware help anytime as well since I’m retired…



(Big maybe on working…)