Installing R750 drivers on kernels > 4.1.0

Hello Suman/Everyone

I was having an issue with the Rocket750 driver for the newest stable release (kernel 4.2.5) due to the kernel-ml-devel packages included in the Rockstor repo being version 4.1.0.

Whenever I would boot into the newer kernel the driver would not be loaded and when I tried to install the driver it would fail due to no kernel-development packages installed. However when using “yum install kernel-ml-devel” the Rockstor repo seems to only have version 4.1.0 but I needed 4.2.5.

I found a solution by manually installing the needed packages by finding the correct rpm, wget’ing, and installing it using “yum install [saidrpm].rpm”

After reboot the driver would correctly rebuild itself when the newest kernel was selected.

My ask for you is if it is possible to get the appropriate kernel development packages into the Rockstor Repo so people using Rockstor and the Rocket750 cards dont have to manually install the need packages whenever there is a kernel update?


Hey Brett, good to hear from you. I’ve added the elrepo’s kernel-ml-devel package to our repo today. So we are good for now.

I’ve already started testing 4.3, so we’ll be moving to 4.3(or perhaps 4.4) at some point soon. When we update the kernel and miss uploading the devel package, please do remind us!

Also, It would be super if you/45Drives can request driver updates from HighPoint folks as needed. IIRC their latest source compiles fine on 4.3, btw.


Sorry for they delayed response, thank you very much for updating the repo.

I will be sure to keep you up to date as we receive new driver updates from Highpoint. They are pretty good at updating as new kernels are coming out so hopefully we will have no issues as things progress.

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Sounds good. The latest one on highpoint website supposedly works up to 4.3 kernels, you might want to give it a try. My Rockinator box here is currently running the LSI cards. If you can dedicate a machine with Testing updates over there, that would be great.