Is there a way to route all the internet traffic from rockstor over a VPN

I want to use rockstor as a VPN client, where it connects to another vpn server via openVPN. Has anyone been able to do this?


Thanks for bringing this up @storinator. This should definitely be possible. Here’s a link I found with a google search:

If you can figure it out and comment with your findings, I am sure others will find them useful.

This could potentially become part of Rockstor too. One user story I can think of is using VPN for replicating Shares over WAN.

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I’ll just go ahead and revive this ancient thread. :slight_smile:

@suman - I think @storinator wanted to connect AS a client, and unless I’m mistaken, the howto you linked to tells you how to setup a server, something for which there’s now a Rock-on included in Rockstor.

I have the same desire as @storinator: I want to set up an OpenVPN client on my Rockstor box, and use that connection for Transmission to do its thing. I’ve found more than one howto on how to achieve that, and if I manage to get it to work, I’d be happy to document the process.

Ideally, however, there’d be a Rock-on for it, or maybe even a place in the web interface to set it up.

I’ll update this thread as I go along.

Edit: this might be related.

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Update so far: I’ve decided to go at it from another angle. My use case is slightly different, since I want to use one specific Rock-on over a VPN, rather than have the entire system connect to another system over it. Therefore, for me it was easier to include the VPN in the actual Rock-on itself.