Is way to clear Cache RAM

I am wondering is there a way to clear cache ram to help free up the memory after been copied files into storage drive?? Any advice?


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Linux is very good at memory management, so normally there should be no need to mess with it.

I will need some additional help info, since I am not sure which cache you are want to clear exactly.
Also, any memory or cache that may have been in use while copying files, will be cleared after copying and available to use by other applications.

Hint: Linux will “use” pretty much your whole RAM, the whole time. This is in contrast to Windows where the memory is actually not being utilized until you open up enough to apps.
In Linux the memory usage adapts dynamically. It will free up memory on-the-fly as-needed.

There are is no need to worry about it… Except when some app has a memory leak…

Take care!


Thank you… That strange… So, I should not be worry?? Right??



Yes that is correct :blush: