iSCSI Target, when?

Greetings. Interested appears when iSCSI Target? I liked how to implement and works Rockstor - in principle is all that is necessary, however, a shortage of useful things such as iSCSI Target. The whole project is very interesting, thank you guys. Certainly I will follow the development of your project. It is planned to transfer the user interface into Russian? Maybe after some time would be able to help in the translation into Russian.

@Dronab Welcome to the Rockstor community. As to iscsi we do have an issue open on that currently:

though I thing Rockstor as an iscsi initiator is probably more likely first.
If you have any compelling arguments on iscsi you are most welcome to share them here, say in the following forum thread or in the above issue.
The forum thread that iscsi issue was opened from can be found at:

Your offer on the Russian translation is most generous and would be best mentioned in the following forum thread Any ideas on the translations which in turn links to our open issue on how we are to go about implementing translation in the first place.

Thanks for your interest in Rockstor and hopefully the above links will give an indication of where we are on these things.

Thanks for the detailed answer.