Leap 15.5 Support

Hi Team,

I see that openSUSE has releases Leap 15.5 and I was wondering if this is supported at the moment or will it be in the future. I am also willing to test this version if this will help the community?

I found this upgrade walk through - How to Upgrade to openSUSE Leap 15.5 from Leap 15.4 (linuxiac.com)

The only thing that is missing is one repo ‘repo-update’ not going to make changes unless its supported though :wink:



@agjbond007 Hello again.

Leap 15.5 doesn’t carry a Python 2.7 but Tumbleweed does, so although we do have rpms and a testing repo for 15.5 they are build on some what of a hybrid between 15.4 and 15.5 - more as a place holder really. But our current GitHub testing branch is now Py3.6 based (like all our Leaps have by default) and we just have to do the finishing touches to the following Milestone:

and we shall begin a new testing channel phase. That should include a native Leap 15.5 rpm (build without the host being half 15.4 and half 15.5).

We have more of a delay than anticipated as Shopfiy (our legacy shop still used for activation code ‘orders’) gave us just 3 weeks notice on a major API change - so we are pushing on instead with our Open Collective API intergration and so have had an inevitable delay in pushign our new Stable of 4.6.0-0 out and finalising the Py3.6 milestone to start releasing new testing rpms also.

So briefly - yes we should be doing native 15.5 rpms soon. But for now I’d stick to 15.4 just in case.
Plus I’d like to do the counterpart to our:
with the new native 15.5 Py3.6 rockstor rpm in place before recommending 15.5 or any in-place update.

Hope that helps.


@phillxnet hello,

As always a very detailed and informative response and thank you for do that. This has helped me understand the situation and I will be glad to help test out the build or assist with the documentation.



@agjbond007 Just wanted to link to the following post with some more up-to-date info re 15.5 and rpm & installer availability.

It may well have been better located here actually !! Oh well, bit late now :slight_smile: .

Noting that in testing channel we are now fully migrated over to OS provided Py3.11 packages provided by our upstream of openSUSE. They more recently provided these packages for projects such as ours: which is nice. And more recent 15.5 rpms are now built on essentially generic Minimal-VM images directly from upstream - as our more recent code has now been fully adapted accordingly: so these can now be considered as properly ‘native’ to 15.5 as a result.

The referenced Milestone has also seen quite the progress, so fingers crossed we are now progressing smoothly throught the final states (Stable Release Candidates) within the testing channel.

Hope that helps.


@phillxnet thanks for tagging me into this response and the other thread. I have followed this link that you added to the thread

Distribution update from 15.3 to 15.4 — Rockstor documentation

Of course made the necessary changes to the version number and I was able to upgrade to 15.5 version.

The one observation that I would make is that the Rock-Ons did not all work. A simple Stop/Uninstall/Install resolved all my installed Rock-Ons and the platform is working well.


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