Managing Network Interfaces

I have a total of 5 nic ports, one on board and i got a 4 port nic pcie card.

What i am trying to do here is this, use 1 port as a management port, and then bond/team the other ports probably 2 each and then allow either a specific share or all shares to use those nics.

I am really not sure how to accomplish all of it, the nics where picked up fine, I bonded 1/2 and 3/4 together but everything seems to be being pushed through the “Main” nic.

thoughts or ideas?

@slackerchris, welcome to the forums. I am not an expert in using bonding or teaming, unfortunately. Have you taken a look at this post to give you some insights? It’s not the same scenario that you’re planning but lay be it will get you a step further:

There are other bonding posts but out of the few I scanned this one seems to cover quite a few aspects and details.

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