Need Free Email Service For Rockstor

I’m setting up Email Notifications when I found out that both Gmail and won’t work. Any recommended Free Email Services?

Hi @felix920506,

Gmail should work, just it’s not a simple fill in the fields and save to get it working.

The following should be able to give you direction on using gmail.

Otherwise, I’ve used Zoho for my notifications.

I did that but it still doesn’t work

@felix920506. for me it has worked (allowing less secure application in Gmail settings). If you have 2FA turned on in Gmail, you can also set up an application specific password for apps that don’t handle 2FA (like Rockstor or Outlook clients) in conjunction with connecting to Gmail:

It will provide an “app” specific password and then use that one in conjunction with your gmail address - that has worked for me as well.

I’ve also used yahoo mail in the past, which worked.

That account has 2FA off

Also what should I fill each box with?

This is how it worked for me (obviously bogus data :grinning:)

You might not need the “Force Username” but I think I did not test it without it…

I am now using the 2FA setup and subsequent app password, however, before that switch (in 2018) I’ve used the “less secure” option for which this setup worked as well