Netdata RockOn error

Brief description of the problem

Uploading a large TV series the file management app reported a full disc error and stopped saving,
Shortly after when switching to the netdata, the browser page wasn’t showing anything

Switching to the Rockstore Rockon page there was this error notice

I am cuurently boning up on how to add another 2TB disc to increas the pool (look at me Mr Windows talking Linux) and increase the NAS capacity, just trying to get my ancient brain around the phenomenon of multi disc pools and splitting the pool to accommodate raid configuration.
I dont suppose the storage issue is anything to do with the Netdata issue but one never knows with them there computers and electrickery.
Any body help on this please?

Must admit, since changing the board etc, the highest cpu temp reported by Netdata was low 40’s lovely feeling when something goes right :sunglasses:

I think, if your Rockon root is on the same pool that ran out of space, this could cause unexpected behavior. Not entirely sure that the duplicate endpoint error message is really the underlying issue

If you run

docker ps -a

do you see any duplicate entries of the netdata instance (exited or running)?


Thanks @Hooverdan
Yes, the rockon root is in the data pool (master pool)
The Android tablet I use most of the time doesn’t seem to support the system shell as it just freezes then closes after the 60 second timeout.

I will dig out the laptop and try with that at another time as we are getting ready to leave for a short break.
Think I will shut down Rockstor whilst away and make a few changes on returning by adding another 2TB to the data pool and install the new fan.
Thanks again