New Build parts ordered :)

Well, I decided not to use my old PC for a NAS in the end.
It’s overpowered and oversized, drawing 100-150W in an ATX mid-tower.
And it gives me an excuse to build from scratch:

  • Case : Fractal Design Node 304 (black)
  • Mobo : Asus P11C-I
  • CPU : Pentium G5400
  • Memory : 2 x 16GB ECC
  • OS drive : Samsung 860 EVO 250GB
  • Data drives : 4 x 4TB Seagate NAS drives I had lying around from upgrading the ReadyNAS

Might have gone OTT on the memory… oh well, future proof…
I saved money by not getting a case with hot swap bays or an internal optical bay. I figured I shouldn’t be changing disks often, and I’ve got an old laptop DVD RW drive in a USB enclosure.
If I want to go to 6 data drives, I can bounce the OS to an M.2 drive (which I didn’t go for for now - (4x the price!) or get a PCIe SATA card for more ports.

The stuff should arrive next week. Looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

Also getting a new UPS. Given that the power goes off every now and then here, and I suspected the current one was just a glorified surge protector, I though it was a good idea.
I replaced the battery 2 months ago, it had cracked open and was dry as a bone. No sign of leakage though…

So I thought I’d test it with just the router, switch, modem and monitor plugged in.
Switched off at the wall, and everything went out like a light :frowning:
I hadn’t really pushed the boat out on it, so after 9 years that’s not too bad.


@HarryHUK Nice. Hope we get some pics and reports once this is all together.


If you are going to have Rockstor manage this UPS (potentially for all machines on the network), probably best, then make sure the new one is NUT compatible:

On setting up a directly connected UPS see our “UPS / NUT Setup” doc section:

It’s not widely appreciated that NUT can also indicate power failure to other machines on the network and orchestrate a systematic shutdown of those machines as well. Obviously the switch/network gear has to also be on this same UPS which you seem to have already setup which is nice.

Just a thought.


Cheers, yes, that’s the plan. Getting an APC BackUps Pro 900VA, which has USB, which should work.

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