New install cannot connect to web-gui

Have a fresh barebones install, went to connect to the ip address and no dice. Removed the firewall to confirm any possible blocks, reset my switch and rebooted. Still cannot connect to the web interface yet I can ping it from the same pc? What could I be missing?

@G.gavin99 Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Did you ensure that you used https and not just http as the Web-UI is only accessible via the https variant.


but of course with your particular machines ip address.

You will have to there after agree accept the self signed https certificate but there after you should be good; hopefully.

Also note that on first boot directly after install it can take several minutes for Rockstor to get it’s stuff together before the Web-UI is accessible. Subsequent boots take a lot let time before the Web-UI should be available.

Hope that helps.

Ahhhh https, that’s the ticket thanks!