New rockon list

will there be any additions to the Rockon list.thanks

@kenneth_mccombs Yes, the rockon-registry is growing all the time. In just the last 2 weeks the following were added:

haproxy-letsencrypt by Daniel Illi-Zuberbühler on GitHub
ecoDMS by HTPC-Schrauber on GitHub
uTorrent (by forum member @Mahmoud87)
unifi by bskrtich on GitHub

Although one of these (@Mahmoud87 uTorrent) has been queued up for a while. But it in now.

If fact if you have something you’d like to add and know of a Docker container that supplies it then a single properly formatted json file can provide it. See the direction in the Rockon-registry file which walks you through the file requirements and also how you can add your own local rock-on repository to extend available rock-ons. Of course if you do get an additional Rock-on working locally then your submission to the Rockon-regitstry would be most welcome. That way it will appear on all Rockstor installs.

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I guess you could call me a end user I don’t known anything about Linux. but would love to learn. so what you described I don’t now how to do but will check it out. but I do have some suggestions. I would like to see some features for Photos. Thanks for the quick reply’s

Welcome @kenneth_mccombs,when I started to create the utorrent rockon I had zero knowledge about docker images and didn’t know anything at all, and my knowledge about Linux overall was very little, and just improved little bit more now :slight_smile: . The guys here are so helpful specially @phillxnet. Please check my original request for the utorrent rockon here you’ll find some useful steps of creating the rockon you need, also what rockon you actually after I might be able to help.


thanks for the inspiration I have looked some already plan to look some more thanks for all the support


There is no problem with being end user - actually you can help us by providing a feedback on certain things saying whenever it’s to obscure or enigmatic ! Every bit help !


Same goes for me, I think the term ‘end user’ is always a sub set.