NFS failed after snapshots

Hi All,

I have been using Rockstor for a few years and have been really happy. Everything has been fairly smooth, even the upgrade from the CentOS version to OpenSUSE. So thanks for a great product.

I had subscribed until recently as the store said it wasn’t available in the UK.

Anyhow I recently setup snapshots but that seems to have broken my NFS shares, I think it’s due to visible snapshots. I read around and figured out how to fix it a couple of times and everything went back to normal. This time though I can’t re-create my shares, the error states “An export already exists for the host string”.

For some reason in Advanced Edit > Automatically added entries still show three snapshot entries. In /etc/exports there is nothing, in /var/lib/nfs/etab there is nothing, also all snapshots have been deleted, I had to do that from the CLI as I just got errors in the GUI. In /export/ the three folders exist with the mounted ., this can be unmounted and deleted but returns after a restart.

I assume there is a config I am missing or database entry somewhere that populates the automatically added entries and then creates the files and folders in the /export/ folder.

My question is how can I remove the snapshot entries from the automatically added entries from the command line?

Many thanks for reading and any help you can offer.


I have overcome this by using Samba shares, but if anyone knows how to remove the entries in the automatically added nfs config so I can use NFS I would be greateful.