NFS vs. SAMBA with Windows 10 20H2 Heads UP!

I just installed Rockstor version: 3.9.2-57 on a new Xeon 32GB ECC system (Supermicro X9SAE) and have a 240GB SSD as main boot/install drive and 4 1TB Hard Disks in Raid-0. (eventually 4 1TB or 2 2TB SSDs)

I tried to connect using NFS with Win-10 20H2 and had 2 problems.

  1. The “Movies” share I made on the 3.69 TB Pool would not show up under Network \ROCKNAS (my system name) in the explorer window.

  2. When a share was done manually to \rocknas\export\Movies, it did seem to work, but windows said it was disconnected! Nevertheless, I was able to copy files to it, but it performed weirdly speeding up and down all over the place.

So, I deleted that share and export and turned off NFS, then I tried the SAMBA strategy. Keep in mind I am a 67 yo USER and not expert at all! Just trying to search around and understand.

SAMBA seems to have worked perfectly! Everything shows properly and works smoothly!

Have no idea nor inclination to troubleshoot the NFS thing, but SAMBA works great so far, so SAMBA for me!



Firstly, welcome to the world of Rockstor @Tex1954 and an interesting post.

In my limited experience of the pairing, Windows and NFS have never been perfect chums, often falling out over the slightest thing. I’ve not really been able to get to the bottom of it, basically due to lack of time and inclination.

At home here we have a mixed client environment - I’m mostly Linux, and wife and kids are mostly Windows, so I use SAMBA exclusively and it simply works across the board. Some say NFS has a performance advantage, and if we were exclusively a Linux household I’d probably look into it deeper.


Thanks for the welcome! I doubt any performance advantage will be seen over a 1G LAN. It is so slow compared to modern hardware…

BTW, I hope to have a 10G LAN up and running before long… we will see as time and $$$ permit…

So far testing is looking good and I am about to start importing a ton of data from 2 other BU setups into one case with double backups of everything…


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