No enabled Yum Repos.

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Brief description of the problem

When trying to do something yum related i get. "There are no enabled Repositories in “/ect/dnf/repos.d”, “/ect/yum.repos.d”, “/ect/yum/repos.d”, “/ect.distro.repos.d”.

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

When trying to use the command yum install wireless-tools I
get the above mentioned error. This comes when using the webui terminal or the physical device.

Web-UI screenshot

@Phantomsquad155 Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

We only install/use dnf/yum to use it’s changelog facilities for pending updates. Zypper doesn’t yet have this capability.

Actual package management is done with the native zypper as we are are now “Built on openSUSE”.

We use to be based on CentOS (a long time ago) and so already used yum to read pending rpm update changelogs so we carried this over to our current base to maintain our in Web-UI changelog facility.

Take a look at the following to see your option re zypper. It is the native rpm package manager for openSUSE:

Hope that help.