Node-Red rock-on

I managed to install the Node-Red container thru the Rock-on UI.

I just wanted to test the system and it’s working great.
This is the JSON code:

“Node-Red”: {
“containers”: {
“nodered”: {
“image”: “nodered/node-red”,
“launch_order”: 1,
“ports”: {
“1880”: {
“description”: “Node-Red WebUI port. Suggested default: 1880”,
“host_default”: 1880,
“label”: “WebUI port”,
“ui”: true
“volumes”: {
“/shared”: {
“description”: “Choose a Share for Node-Red. Eg: create a Share called nodered-data for this purpose alone.”,
“label”: “Storage”,
“min_size”: 1073741824
“version”: “latest”,
“description”: “Low-code programming for event-driven applications”,
“ui”: {
“slug”: “”
“website”: “



@dont Hello again.

So this is great. But for us to have this included in our default offerings would you mind opening a pull request on GitHub in our rockon-registry repository.

Going through the pull request template will help to ensure that you have included all that we are trying to include in newer Rock-ons. We are trying to raise the overall quality of them across the board and we need one or two extra details in place that will become evident one you open a pull request as it present you with a tick sheet and some guidelines. All written and submitted by our venerable @Flox forum moderator and multi repo core contributor.

Once we have a pull request in place it’s far easier to review and test the rock-on before we publish it to the central repository that all Rockstor machine use. And given you’ve done the majority of the work already we might as well see this through to being published.

I’ll PM (Private Message) you on the forum with a way to test / develop this Rock-on against our current code.

Thanks for the initial submission and do please pop in a pull request for this as then we can review it properly and make suggested changes prior to publishing it.


Sure let me have a look how to do that.




I’m not a star regarding github. Took me a long time to figure it out. Something to do with personal token etc. So I’m really a novice with github.

However I think I managed to do a pull request for NodeRed.

Let me know.



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@dont Hello again,

That’s great news, well done. Although it’s a few hours late for yourself I’ve just manage to merge and publish some improvements by @Flox and myself to this very doc section:

And we have also added, further to our private discussion on the same, a “Deleting a Rock-on” sub-section:

later in that same page.

If you take a look at this revised doc section and see if that would have been easier for you to follow. It’s completely Web-UI driven on the git / GitHub side which may be easier for those less familiar or completely new to git and GitHub. And is more explicit about where each step/action ‘happens’.

Linking to your fresh new pull request for convenience:

and having a quick look, do you fancy going through the various checks (tick marks) that are indicated in that pull request. I.e. confirming the JSON formatting validity etc and making sure you have fulfilled the other various requirements. You can always look to some of the more recent Rock-ons to see how these are expected to be completed. But you’ve gotten the main step over with and so once all ticks are satisfied one of the regular committers can review what you’ve done and if all is well then we can get this one in.

You can, once having satisfied yourself that the tick item is ‘done’ tick them off from the GitHub Web-UI.

Thanks again for getting this far and if we could just get those last bits done and dusted we can review and move to publishing.

Hope you find the newer docs more accessible and are game to get the last hurdles sorted as this look like a really nice project.

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I think it’s done.
All boxes checked.



@dont Hello again.

Unfortunately the tick boxes don’t automate what they relate to.
The file does conform to JSON, as you have already checked and the website link is correct and goes to the upstream project but we have just a little stuff to add to the description, i.e. the:

  • “description” object lists and links to the docker image used

But there is, as yet no link to the used docker container. If you look at other listing within the Rock-on Web-UI you will see some have links up to the docker contain they are based on. We are working our way through them to have them all include this info. Currently your description doesn’t have that and we are trying to get all new ones to have this info in as then folks can look up the exact image that is used.

Also note that the pull request doesn’t include the indicated addition to root.json:

  • Entry added to root.json in alphabetical order (for new rock-on only)

It may well be that you are working in another branch within your local copy, or that your have not pushed your local changes to your GitHub clone.

I’ve un-ticked the relevant ticks until we’ve tracked down where you changes were. Once you’ve commited them and pushed them appropriately against the same pull request the should show up as additional commits within that same pull request.

Take another look at it here:
To me it still only contains the original commit.

Let me know if I’ve missed something obvious here, I am being pulled in a number of directions currently.

Do please stick with this as I’m sure it’s just something silly as to why your changes are not showing up.

If all else fails you can delete that pull request and start a fresh using the new instructions uploaded earlier.

And thanks for persevering. It would be great if we had a Web-UI tool for this but we just don’t (yet).

Hope that helps and do say here if I’ve missed something.

I’m trying. I’m under the impression that I did what had to be done.

“description” object lists and links to the docker image used

The link is there under general information on project: Docker

What is ment with ‘object lists’?

We will fix this no worries. I’m learning here …

Since it’s already late here my reaction might be tomorrow.



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@dont No worries, we can chip away at this.

The picture you sent looks to be the correct change but if you look in the top left hand corner is states you are on master (the master branch) but your pull request was submitted on the branch of “dontsentspem:rockon_name” i.e. see below from:

And for your changes to be reflected in the pull request they have to be made on the same branch as that pull request was made from within your GitHub fork, i.e. the “dontsentspem:rockon_name” one.

So you will probably want to make the same changes to the correct branch and undo them from the master (though you can, once the pull request is done and dusted remove your entire fork and then re-create it to get back in line).

Hope that helps and getting late here also so hope I wasn’t to muddled there.

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