On a new install, cannot get owncloud working, seems to restart

Hello community,

I have been looking into using rockstor as a solution for my office needs.
The main install worked fine. I can config samba shares and so on, no problem.

So my first impression was very favorable. I would be able to get you quite a few of paying customers.

The problem starts with Rock-On, more specifically installing OWNCLOUD.

It just does not work. I saw the youtube movie, were it works in about 1 minute. Wellllll… I have now spend 3 hours at least if not more to try and get it running. The installation apparently goes fine. I made the shares first, oversized them up front and entered them, added the database credentials, set the webgui port to 8080, all fine.

Then started the owncloud rock-on, and then I get “nothing”. No web-page to manage it, no error messages, nothing. In the docker apps overview, it lists the app’s current status as “started”.

I have tried to re-install the owncloud docker at least 4-5 times now, but it just wont work.

When I do a “docker ps” on the master console, I do see that the owncloud task appears to restart at a very high rate. Something is wrong, but where do I look?

As nice as my first impression was about Rockstor (which I will still be able to use as a file-server for sure), I am terrified to use the docker system live at my office or any of my customers. If a seemingly simple install of Owncloud gives me such problems, then I hate to think that one day I install updates and I get in this situation where I risk big-time problems not being able to bring up the system, having to re-install and hopefully not loose the user settings and/or files of owncloud. And by the looks of it, a re-install doesn’t fix it either.

I am running the 3.9.1-1 version by the way. The owncloud is the only docker installed, so interference of other apps is not an issue.

Please tell me what to look for, how to diagnose the problem.


What you described rings a bell to me, making me thing about something that happened to several people I’ve seen using the Owncloud Rock-on. Could you confirm what version of Owncloud Rock-on you installed? The one named simply “Rock-on”?

If yes, I would recommend other version available as Rock-on, or even the Nextcloud one. This is due to the fact that the “Owncloud” has not been updated in a while and is now several versions behind as far as I remember.
If you still prefer to use the Owncloud you already installed, you should have a look at the following post, or search in this forum for a problem with localtime in this Rock-on.

Hello Flox,

Thanks very much for replying to try and help… I have read some more on the issue you are referring to. It has made me decide to NOT try and use the Rock-On system at all for any applications.

The reason being that indeed the Owncloud is not up-to-date (even close!) at all and the docker-software itself reports version 1.13.1 where the official release is now at 1.17.06 (!!!).

So I will cause problems for myself and my (and thus RockStor’s) clients if I install this at client sites. I am not even going to trust it for my own business use.

Please don’t misunderstand. I do REALLY APPRECIATE the effort of all people involved and maintaining it is a big job. I realize that, really do… But the financial cost if a customer goes down because of this could be extremely high. That is a risk I cannot take. My clients are willing to pay far more than the update-fee for RockStor but only if they get a good, reliable system that benefits them. That is purely commercial good sense.

Again BIG THANKS for trying to help but I need to reconsider my options here. I think I am going to try a nextcloud install and see if that is the way to go.

Just a general question that you may not be able to answer but is the outdated versions problem a matter of not enough people to maintain everything or lack of funding or …??

Anyways, sorry for drifting into a discussion on non-technical stuff. It bothers me… The RockStor product is a promising solution for many of my customers. I’d love to see it get better still. I have at least 5 customers who would probably immediately opt for this, if only…


Luc De Meyer

No worries, I understand…
As you correctly guessed, I’m not the best person to answer your questions about the different versions of several tools and I see you posted a topic dedicated to that, so I’m sure you’ll get the best answers and replies there.