Pool unmounted and share is gone


I just noticed that my Mac hasn’t been backing up to my time machine share. After logging in to my rockstor install, I noticed the share was missing, and the pool was “unmounted.”

Is there somewhere in the UI I can go to mount the pool? Anything I can look for to understand why it’s unmounted in the first place?

I don’t know if it matters, but I’m running 4.0.8 on a Leap 15.3 RPi 400 install.


@papaskitch Hello there.

If a pool is unmounted then the share, which is a subvolume of the volume (pool) is most likely also not available. We do mount them in addition to the main pool top level but a poorly pool will often affect some or all of it’s shares (subvolumes).

That’s nice.

The pools are auto mounted at boot, we don’t yet have an unmount / mount option within the Web-UI.

The drive may have become disconnected. This can happen with USB as it is a rather flaky interface, both in hardware and software. Often resorting to power cycling, or hard resetting it’s devices at the drop of a hat.

Best to look in the main system journal at the time it became disconnected and/or unmounted. Also note that there are power limits that some external drives exceed on the USB/Pi4 bus. External power to the drives can help with this.

Let us know what you find in the system logs. You will likely have to use:


with it’s variety of switches to look at the journal. We have work to do on our system journal interface that will likely arrive in time.

Hope that helps.