Possibility to move a license to new HW?


i have a lifetime subscription on an x64 machine that died some time ago. Can i move the license somehow to a newly installed bare metal?


@g6094199 Hello again.

I’m the new maintainer of Rockstor and I’m not aware of any life time subscriptions, but there were a few ‘long life’ variants (yours may be one of them) and we use to offer 5 and 3 year subscriptions but have now moved to only 1 year subscriptions as it keeps things simple.

But as to your question of moving a subscription over, that is now easily accomplished via the new ‘self service’ Appman facility:


Also note that the Rockstor code license is GPLv2, with the Rock-ons being AGPLv3, the subscription service is our way of attempting sustainable open source development.

See our Update Channel docs section:
for some background on this.

So if you sign-up to Appman you can, with immediate effect, transition your Subscription over to a new Appliance ID (activation code unchanged). But note that some of our earlier subscribers were affected by a bug in our transition to Appman. You may well be affected by this so if you find an Appliance ID change doesn’t work for you then contact me via Private Message (PM) here on the forum with your new Appliance ID and original activation code and I’ll sort it. Only affects those who were earlier subscribers and who also changed their Appliance ID via the old email method. But once I’ve sorted it then Appman should work as intended there after. But you may find a simple Appliance ID edit within Appman does the trick.

Hope that helps.

FYI: I wanted a fire 'n forget solution for this machine so i ordered a “lifetime”, which was in fact a lifecycle subscription for centos7 to sometime in 2024 (when i remember correctly)…since a customer payed the license the extra cost was no biggie for me :wink:

i will try the procedure as mentioned.