Possible disk problem

I am trying to install 15.6. I wanted to stop having the disk messages about an old config that I could import if I wanted to so I formatted all 3 of my drives with windows and made them ntsf. After reinstalling again I was not seeings any of my disks in the GUI. found a command somewhere that clears some bits and now 2 of my disks are ok. I can not find the post that had the command in it and I think I need to run it on my install drive cause I don’t see it in the pool screen and the Root share is not there either.

The command had a -a or -o parm and then the /dev/sdx. I think it was a 4 or 5 letter command like mkfs but I’m not sure that was it. The output talked about clearing some bits. I don’t know what logs to look in to see what the problem is.

The drive I’m installing to is an ssd.

UPDATE>>>>>> I found the little button to import the old info so I hit that and now ROOT pool is there BUT Getting this msg…
DataTables warning: table id=pools-table - Cannot reinitialise DataTable. For more information about this error, please see 3. Warning: Cannot reinitialise DataTable

Have I messed up the system? This sees critical.

Rebooted and all is well.

Glad you got the import working. The Warning you’re seeing is actually related to a front-end component on the web page. It has not material impact on the functioning on the system, and can occur sporadically. It is usually resolved by simply closing your browser / browser tab and starting a fresh session.

I think the plan is after the next stable release to start tackling the in some cases quite old front-end components for running the UI (case in point, DataTables)…


Thanks Dan I hope things continue to go well.

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