Problem changing permissions on imported disk

current version 4.1.0-0

I’ve imported a disk from my old installation. The import seemed to succeed without errors. All the shares show up but I can’t change permissions.

Current owner/group is Root/Root.

I want to change the owner to an Active Directory user and the group to my Active Directory Domain Admins.

When I try to change the permissions, I get an error:

"Unknown internal error doing a POST to /api/shares/3/acl "

I’ve been able to change the Admin Users for the Share in the Samba Export screen but get the error message when I try to modify permissions on the Access Control tab for the Share properties.

Anything I’m doing wrong? Is it because the Root that is referenced is the Root account from my old installation?

New shares I create on a different disk work fine.


@MRC-MBU Hello again.

Is this pool a btrfs parity raid level, i.e. 5 or 6. They are read only by default in our new openSUSE Leap 15.3 base OS. The following HowTo presents the recomended work-around for the time being:
“Installing the Stable Kernel Backport”:
It basically walks you through updating to a newer kernel and filesystem.

However if that was the case you would also not be able to create any new shares on this Pool either.

Yes, that is the default unless they have been modified via command line or Web-UI. But take a look at our following HowTo also:
Migrating from Legacy V3 to V4 “Built on openSUSE”
specifically the “Users and default group” section.

Unfortunately this is not a strong area for me, so I will have to defer to others on this front. @Flox is more knowledgeable in this area but is also super busy I believe.

I don’t think so and root has shared uid and gid across both systems so that ‘user’ should have carried over just fine. But always check via the command line if in doubt as we do have the following issue open in this area:

Hope that helps, and my apologies for not being able to provide more guidance currently on this front.