Problems with installing rockstor built on opensuse leap15-4 on raspberry pi-4


I’m trying to install Rockstor with ‘Built on openSUSE Leap15.4’ on a raspberry pi 4 with 2gb via sd card.
I downloaded and burned it to a sd card on my mac m1 with balena etcher. Balena Etcher unzips it first and then copies the correct files to the sd card.
The installer starts and i get in the beginning an option to choose but whatever i choose it starts installing but at a certain moment it just stops, gives a black screen for 2 seconds and i get the screensaver of my lg tv and i have to start the pi4 again.
I also tried to install ’ Built on openSUSE Tumbleweed’ and with this I got a setup screen and then it takes ages to install everytime with a same kind of error. I stopped this.
Any idea what is going wrong ?
Kind regards, Marc

Hello there @xztd34 and welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

This post looks like a duplicate of the following first post you made here:

So I’ll close/lock this one and encourage folks to reply you your first post so we don’t get distributed effort on this one.

Hope that helps.