Raid1 replacement of disk

I am new to Rockstor and have a Raid1 with 2 disks setup. Appears to be working just fine. What is the procedure to replace one of the disks and have the pool up and running again normally?

I tried:

  1. powered down and replaced a disk. Could not find a way to add the new disk into the pool.
  2. attempt to Resize/ReRaid Pool and remove the disk. System will not let me go down to a single disk in Raid1.

I’m out of ideas and could use some help.

Thanks, Cletus

Hello there,

I am a newbie user as well.
So far I have gathered that it is possible to do what you want, but it is not simple.
If you would have had raid1 with three disks, then it would have been simpler.

I recommend searching the forum for solutions. This thread looks promising: Advice on disk replacement combined with pool expansion

Good luck!


@cletus welcome to the Rockstor forums.

Quick question, for your disk replacement, do you have an additional port open to add the disk before removing one of the other ones?

I assume, aside from the thread @aremiaskfa suggested, you have also read through this part of the documentation:

Since I had the additional SATA port in my scenario (also described/referenced in the linked thread) I went ahead with Option B there, but C can now also work sufficiently …


Thanks @aremiaskfa. Three disks seems like a simple solution. I am assuming I can always remove 1 of the three and replace at some point.

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Yes, that is correct. In raid1 going from 3 to 2 is trivial.

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Thanks to all of you for this helpful info