Restoring old admin user after resetting initrock

Apologies in advance if this is in the forums or the documentation already: I’ve tried searching, but I can’t find the answer I’m after.

I couldn’t access shares or the web ui following an update. After searching the forums, I saw a suggestion to ssh in as root, delete the initrock file, and rerun the initrock script.

Up to a point this worked a charm. The web ui sprang back to life; I imagined I might have to do some setup again, but essentially everything would be back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t login as my original admin user to the webUI. I created a new admin user, remounted the BTRFS pool.

I would like to change the rockstor admin user back to the original admin. At the moment, that user is listed under the “other system users” in a group identical to the username. Is there a particular group I need to add the old user to?

I would like to go back as at the moment, my existing rock-ons cannot be seen in the webui, but are all still running (I’m have the functioning transmission webUI in another tab as I write this). I presume this is because of some sort of permissions clash.

Or, failing that, is there a way to “rescan”, and have the webUI recognise the existing rock-on installations?

I would quite like to try out an own cloud install, but want to sort this mess out before I create a tangle of admin users and permissions to sort out.

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

As an aside, I’ve been using my rockstor appliance as safer online storage for my home for about 18 months now, and am very happy with it. Keep up the good work!

**edit: I forgot to say I reran the initrock script. I’ve added that above.