Rock-on requests

Hello everyone,

Some of you already know this. We are working on providing apps(let’s call them Rock-ons) on top of Rockstor. These are basically docker containers that take advantage of Rockstor platform and provide cool functionality. We wanted to do this for a while, some users asked for them and well, we hope to deliver soon.

Some users gave ideas and asked for apps they like to see. We’d like to hear from everyone that’s using Rockstor. Please tell us which apps are important to you.

So far, we are testing and packaging up the following apps:

1. Plex media server
2. Transmission bittorrent client
3. Openvpn
4. btsync
5. bacula

Please post your ideas and requests. We’d love to hear from you.

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Coming from Synology-land.

Primary needs in order:
1) Transmission
2) Plex
3) btsync (note: btsync 2.0 is in alpha/beta would be cool to have both 1.4 & 2.0) .
4) OwnCloud

Secondary wants and things I don’t know there are FOSS options for:
1) Equivalent to Synology Cloud Sync (syncs DropBox/gDrive with NAS).  Synology’s lacks DBox LAN sync though.
2) A client to backup to Amazon Glacier/S3 would be cool.  Synology’s client is really not good example though.  

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Thanks for letting us know your wish list. We are on track to add transmission, plex and btsync. We’ll take a look at others you mentioned.

Personnaly Plex First

I don’t like transmission since its not compatible with RSS feeds. and Utorrent Server is not yet on Centos.
So yeah plex

It’s been so long since I used Transmission on a server I forgot it didn’t support RSS feeds.  What’s the best solution for that?  FlexGet?  

I have experience with tinyrss and it’s pretty awesome. FlexGet seems promising and perhaps capable of lot more than just rss, but tinyrss is solid in what it does.

I’ll take a look at FlexGet, but it seems they don’t have a web-ui making it rock-on unfriendly.

I’m going to add a vote for an Amazon S3 client.

UrBackup… due to the fact that if it detects btrfs, it enables a special snapshot mechanism that performs much better than zfs.


S3 client would indeed be cool. s3cmd is something we are looking at. Any other s3 clients we should look at?

I haven’t played with UrBackup, but I personally want it!

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How about a backup service like crashplan?

My wishes would be:

1. Plex
2. Logitech Media Server
3. Sabnzbd
4. Sickbeard
5. Couchpotato

Plus some of the others mentioned above.
I’m not currently running Rockstor, but very interested, and maybe going to move from OMV soon.
Especially if kernel 3.19 brings the right fixes for RAID5/6 to make it workable.

crashplan looks like a possibility. Thanks for suggesting it!

Foz, thanks for adding to the list. Plex seems to be the most popular one for everyone. I’ve already wired it up as an experimental rock-on and have been using it for a while and it works well. I’ll take a look at others your suggested.

I think there should be someway of encrypting the drives and I you add OwnCloud 7 you should enable HTTPS access by default. The box for Samba share configuration should have some templates that a admin can reference. 

Another vote for CrashPlan. I’m installing it manually on my RockStor box but it would be nice to have a plugin for it to make admin easier.

I’d also like:
- UPS support
- Backups to USB connected drive

I’d like to see some hardening by default. hosts.deny all paranoid, then allow only the services configured in the web ui. Root should not be able to ssh in by default. I can give some examples if someone is interested

javahaxxor, are you talking about general hardening of Rockstor? Perhaps a separate discussion thread is more appropriate for something like that. Would appreciate examples and your thoughts in general. Feel free to start a new thread.

Updated list:

1) Transmission w/ TinyRSS
2) Plex
3) btsync 2
4) OwnCloud
5) FTP/S3/Glacier/Azure/NearLine/other cloud storage services client 
6) Web Browser

I’m adding 5 because I recently needed to upload 80GB to S3 and was annoyed that Synology had no way to simply upload a single file directly from my NAS GUI.  Plus it’d be nice to be able to sync/upload backups…  6 is because maybe being able to access web app’s, like AWS Console, would satisfy those needs a different way.

I think I mentioned elsewhere, Synology’s Glacier package is garbage…

Update: Syno just announced DSM 5.2 Beta, with a new File Station module that can browse remote sources like S3:  Too little to late for me, but cool feature none the less.

Would love to have the following:



Ted, Thanks for your feedback about features not related to Rock-ons. I’ve moved them to a separate discussion to better keep track of things.


crashplan and a media server like plex or kodi