Rock-ons changelog


As the rock-on system has gained a lot of popularity within Rockstor, it has now become important to provide a dedicated place to better keep track of its evolution and --most importantly-- to announce significant updates to our community.

The purpose of this thread will thus be to announce changes to the list of available rock-ons; be it the addition of a new rock-on, its replacement, or a notable update.

N.B.: Inherent to this purpose, this thread will remained locked but we are all encouraged to further share our feedback and suggestions in dedicated threads using the ‘Rock-ons’ category.


As always, we’ll refer to Rockstor’s documentation for more information on anything related to the rock-ons framework:

For those wanting to contribute/correct or write their own rock-ons:

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For the first announcement, we’ll go back in time several months as a lot of important additions and updates have occurred.

New rock-ons

  • Seafile (Github link): Thanks to @TexasDex for this important contribution. Seafile is very popular tool to sync and share files between multiple computers and thus represents a very nice addition to Rockstor. Thanks again, @TexasDex!

  • JDownloader (Github link): Thanks to @DarkYamik for this contribution. JDownloader is a free and open-source download manager with extended abilities.

  • Zoneminder v1.32 (Github link): Thanks @magicalyak for yet another important addition to the rock-on registry. This adds the latest 1.32 version of Zoneminder, a free and open-source software to control IP, USB and Analog (CCTV) cameras.

  • Nextcloud official (original Github link, and finalized PR): Thanks to @bennysp for this very important addition to the rock-on registry. Originally a fork from Owncloud, Nextcloud is a fully-featured files syncing and sharing solution, complemented with a plethora of extra functions. Nextcloud can be a rather complicated project to setup, however, and this rock-on went through a rather long development with contribution and feedback from @magicalyak, @daniel-illi, @doenietzomoeilijk, @HBDK, @dmcharpentier. Through all this discussion, it was decided to first release this rock-on as a simple that would allow a work-out-of-the-box offering but recommended for relatively light use. As the possibilities of the rock-ons framework in Rockstor continue to expand, however, a new Nextcloud rock-on will most likely be developed to allow for more powerful setups while keeping it user-friendly and easy to setup. Thanks again for so much feedback and participation of our community!

  • ecoDMS v18.09 (apu) (Github link): ecoDMS is a fully-featured electronic Document Management System. While a rock-on for ecoDMS was already present in the registry, its version became out-of-date and it was decided to provide a novel rock-on for the latest available version: 18.09 (apu). Thanks to @murraymx for bringing this to our attention, and thanks to @Bert for his help confirming proper function of this rock-on!

  • YouTrack (Github link): YouTrack is an issue tracker system developed by JetBrains, and designed for development teams. This rock-on is based on the official image by JetBrains, and runs the latest release version of YouTrack. Note that its installation has some specific requirements related to its shares ownership. For simplicity, we have thus written specific and illustrated instructions in Rockstor’s documentation.


  • Jenkins (Github link); Thanks to @phillxnet for updating our Jenkins rock-on that was out-of-date. The rock-on now uses the docker image maintained by the Jenkins community in its “lts” version.

  • Unifi Controller (Github link): Thanks again to @magicalyak for updating taking upon updating this important rock-on. As a reminder, Unifi Controller is the software managing the different devices from the Unifi of Ubiquiti products. The rock-on now points to the new docker image maintained by the team.


  • ecoDMS: Following the addition of the latest ecdDMS version 18.09 (apu) rock-on (see above), and the previous version of ecoDMS being now out-of-date, the previous ecoDMS rock-on has been removed from the registry in favor of its latest replacement. ecoDMS provides a user-friendly way to upgrade through backup & restore. See their documentation for instructions.

  • BTSync (Github link): as the BTSync image used has now been deprecated, the BTSync rock-on has been removed from the registry and we now redirect the interested users towards the Resilio Sync rock-on, as recommended by the maintainers themselves.

  • YouTrack: Following the addition of the up-to-date and official rock-on for YouTrack (see above), the previous rock-on has now been removed. Fortunately, an easy and user-friendly upgrade path exists through a backup & restore process. See YouTrack’s documentation for step-by-step instructions.